How long is pricing good for?

Prices change on fuel daily, give us a call or email for today's pricing.

What is the max reach of the fueling equipment?

We have a max hose reach of 300 feet from our truck.

Can I request a special time?

We work with our customers for their window of opportunity.  There are some customers that have to have a high or low tide for optimal fueling needs, while other customers can only be there in the am or pm.  Our first delivery is at 8:00 AM and our last delivery is 2:30 PM. Saturday delivery is by appointment only -  Our normal fuel delivery operation is Monday - Friday

Are there any price breaks or discounts?

Price breaks are volume based, the more fuel you purchased the more you save.

Do you have a Cash discount rate?

Customers do receive a discount if products are paid by check or cash.

Can you bill me?

In order for us to bill you, you must have an approved credit application or have an active credit card on file. The credit card will not be used without our customer’s consent

Are there minimum amounts of fuel to be delivered?

We refer to our minimum on diesel as 200 gallons and Gasoline as 100 gallons.


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