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Whether your vessel is located at a residence or marina We come to you! We will provide clean professional fueling service for your vessel.

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Onsite tanks and Generators can be in challenging locations, Anchor Petroleum has the equipment to get the job done hassle free.


We offer substantial savings versus a marina fuel dock for ValvTect Rec 90 Ethanol-free gasoline without the hassle of trailering your boat to the gas station or taking it to the fuel docks.

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About Our Fuel


Specially formulated to improve fuel quality and performance while eliminating the need for other fuel additives.


Keeps fuel fresh for up to 2 years, often doubling fuel filter life.


Provides more complete combustion producing less soot / odor and reduced emissions.


Cleans up fuel injectors and carbon deposits, for more engine power and fuel economy.


Protects the entire fuel system against corrosion.


Extends life of fuel pumps and injectors.


Holds moisture in suspension to help prevent sludge and extend filter life.

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Dock Service

We Specialize in hard to reach dock locations.

Residential Service

Our equipment allows us to reach your Vessel. Long docks, Residential locations are no sweat.

Residential Service

We can slide through any "Nook and Cranny" to reach your vessel.

Commercial Sites

Our commercial sites include but not limited to, Nurseries, Trucking Companies, Manufacturing facilities, Condominiums, Office buildings and stand by generators.

On Site Tanks

We fill your tanks in a timely professional manner.

Sport Boats

Save Money and time, let us provide you REC 90 Ethanol-free Gasoline

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6 days ago

Anchor Petroleum

Well the weather is certainly getting warmer which means a lot more locals will be using their boats. Hopefully you call us in advance cause trying to accommodate you on short notice is usually unsuccessful this time of year. Please try to give us 24-48 hours notice so we can do a good job for you. Have a great Easter! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Anchor Petroleum

Easter is just around the corner.....less than 10 days away. For all of you planning to take that ditch cruise or off shore fun adventure, you need to call for fuel right away....we're already booked thru Monday and accepting appointments for the remainder of the week. Prices continue to climb as you get closer to any holiday. Usually they drop a little after the holiday, so if you're making plans for Memorial Day, jump on the bandwagon and get your fuel at least 10 days before Memorial Day to save money. PLANNING......very important! You don't want to be stuck next to the dock! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Anchor Petroleum

Hello Boaters!

Well, if you haven't noticed at the gas stations, prices have continued to go upward for the past 3 months. We see an increase daily by at least $.005 per day. Most of the time it's $.015 per day. Newspaper reports last month suggested we would see gasoline up to $3.00 per gallon for regular (87 octane) by this summer. If you're planning any trips, now my be the time to jump on the bandwagon and fill that boat.

Generator Calls

Before you know it, June 1st will be here and you know what that means in South Florida. The news people who get extremely bored when there's nothing else to report will be telling you to top off those generators right away cause there is a "tropical disturbance" 5000 miles away and it may come this way. It is smart to fill them at the beginning of the hurricane season and not wait until it's predicted to hit us. Remember we have to load all of our trucks at least 24 hours before any storms become a problem for us to be ready to serve you after the storm has passed. Fuel at that point is subject to availability from Port Everglades.

Don't forget Easter is coming. April 21st!
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Are you guys doing REC90 deliveries?

Yes we are

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